Open Letter to “H”

I’m sitting here this beautiful Saturday morning, up before anyone in the house. We were all exhausted last night (Mr. Wonderful graduated college with his Bachelor’s of Business Administration! Whew!) The coffee is about to be made, and orangey sunlight is streaming in the open windows. Laundry is tumbling in the other room. Kids sleeping, hubby sleeping, cat prowling. All is right in my little world.

Something’s been on my heart, recently. I didn’t believe it would happen. My former Pastor said it would, so I kept my eyes and heart open to it. But I did not truly believe that forgiveness would come in waves: a deluge of gratefulness. So without¬† contriving it, I’m going to write this open letter from my heart.


Dear H,

Thank you! What a wonderful gift you gave to my family! You sought to ruin our lives but were unsuccessful. God always had His hand on us, and we emerge victorious. Yes, we experienced short-term worry and pain, but now I’d love to share with you the gifts you didn’t know you were giving:

  1. If I ever doubted it before, I never doubt the presence and the goodness of Almighty God. He is with us every single day, and fully made known His presence in the darkest hours. Moments when I could do nothing but take a deep breath, I could feel God next to me, holding my hand, giving me peace until I could cope.
    And not just me, but Mr. Wonderful and our girls. You taught us what years of our faith had prepared us for: to rely on God for everything, even our next breath.
  2. The love of family and friends. H, do you know what you did? Hundreds (yes, HUNDREDS) of people rallied around us and our family. Prayers, dishes of food, help in moving (twice), monetary support, childcare, use of vehicles, mowing our lawn, scrubbing, painting, installing blinds, moving walls within our home! H, I have never experienced such love in my life. And it’s all thanks to you!
  3. A Stronger Marriage. I bet you didn’t know that you threw Mr. Wonderful and I into a stronger marriage. We had been on a very busy road, and this caused us to reset. I’ll use that word a few more times in this letter… reset. Because it most accurately describes what happened. We were pulled back from a possibly-destructive path and reminded exactly what God is asking of us as a married couple. Our marriage has never been more fulfilling and beautiful than it is now. So thank you!!!!
  4. Our Financial State was reset. We thought we were poor then! But when Mr. Wonderful lost his job, we nearly had to move in with family. Yes, we drained retirement accounts. Yes we racked up debt. But in the end, we spend TONS less than we did before.
  5. Mr. Wonderful went back to college! He wouldn’t have chosen this path without you. Now he’s got many options in front of him… including the same type of work that he was doing back in 2013. Just that now he has the piece of paper that everyone wants.
  6. Less discord, more harmony. I remember the day, several weeks before you pulled your stunt, that I walked out of my house and turned back to Mr. Wonderful and said, “You’ve got a pretty good gig going here with this job. We don’t agree with the politics and much of what’s coming down from the hierarchy… but we’re staying for now. And if God wants us gone, He’s going to have to shake us out of this tree. Because we’re pretty blessed right here.”
    I didn’t know what was about to happen. But I thank you, because NOW we’re in a place that we agree with a whole lot more.
  7. We never had to go through the Flint Water Crisis. Your actions insured that we were not living in Flint when the Water Crisis began. Our babies never had to drink the tainted water.

I’m sure there are a great many more reasons why I’m thankful to you. I didn’t think this out ahead of time, so I just went with the ones bubbling to the top of my heart this morning. I just want you to know that we FORGIVE you, H. We know you must be hurting to be mentally able to do what you did, and we pray that the real culprit be brought to their knees. We pray for every aspect of your life, and your children’s lives, that God make Himself known to you and show you His loving-kindness.

I thank you. Truly. Because without you, I wouldn’t be happy and fulfilled as I am today.


I may need to work on that if I’m ever going to send it to her. There might be a bit of sarcasm that I should filter out.

But my point is, that we feel great thankfulness that our life is the way it is now. We have reconnected with friends and family. We are crazy-busy but loving life. And most importantly, our feet are set on solid Rock.


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