5 years ago, tomorrow

Five years ago tomorrow, I didn’t know what was in store for Mr. Wonderful and me. I didn’t know that my job description would change to “full-time laundry lady, dishes doer, and picker-upper-after.” I didn’t know that I would actually sit down at a table with my boss and tell her that I didn’t think I could work full-time and have kids anymore…. and then end up being OK with just that. I didn’t know what heights of love, nor depths of grief we would know as parents.

For months, if not years, we’d marvel at them: Vaeh and Lisi. They would say something, do something, and our hearts would melt and ache for falling in love with them. It literally hurts to fall so deeply in love. We’d just look at them and hold onto each other and whisper praises to God our King. “How can someone be so cute? How can life be so good? Why did you entrust them to us, who can barely take care of ourselves?”

We have been so deeply blessed to be the parents of these sweet daughters. I will never stop thanking God for them. If you ever hear us talk, we may seem immune to their cuteness, but it’s only because we need to make sure their hearts are guided and they act appropriately… that we train them up in the ways they should go, so that when they are older, they will not depart from it.

Along the way, we have learned so much from other parents we know. THANKS to each of you for being someone we could talk to and learn from. I think being a parent has made me a better friend, because now I know that it’s a perfectly legitimate reason to leave a party because, “the baby missed her nap,” or be drastically late because, “our toddler emptied the cat litter box and was playing in it.”

Mostly, we used to be such jerks about the choices others made in raising their kids. Well, the joke was on us, because as parents, we do the best we can, running 90 miles/hour, flying by the seats of our pants, dodging bullets, and stuff hitting the fan, financial issues, job loss, never having an adult conversation except when grocery shopping on date night.,, you get the picture.

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment to say that we are grateful beyond measure and description to be the Mama and Daddy to Vaeh Cat and Lisi Jo. Happy FamiVersary, Kiddos. We love you more than life itself.


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