Farraday Cage

Last night, the kids were brushing their teeth, and I hear Vaeh telling Lisi that she needs to sleep on the floor of Vaeh’s room because of the lightning. She further explained that lightning will kill you, and your room is a dangerous place to be, because of the windows right next to your bed.

That was when I began yelling from the other room for her to shush her mouth, because it’s NOT dangerous, and I want sister to be able to sleep in her own room, and if, after this, she decides that she cannot sleep in her room for fear of lightning, then Vaeh can have the tiny room, and Lisi the big one, and we’d switch it over this weekend.

This morning, I was telling Mr, Wonderful about my neuroses. One of them actually being that I was concerned with Lisi’s huge window right next to her bed and he looked up online about lightning striking houses. Heheh. (I wasn’t even that neurotic about it, but he’s a good man, and wanted to put my mind to rest.) He read that the lightning would follow cable lines and electrical lines in a wall, down to the ground.

Our friend put in tons of cable line in that room when we were building it, because it was Mr. Wonderful’s office. And my cousin put tons of electrical outlets in that room for the same reason. I then said, “Pshaw!! She’s OK! She sleeps every night in a Farraday Cage!!!! 

I’m not sure why a Farraday cage always makes me giggle. And this graphic I found online is downright hilarious. I wanted to label the person “Little Lisi”, but I felt that the diagram was already well-labeled.

So, henceforth, I can sleep soundly without fear of lightning striking my babies while they sleep in their beds. One silly neurotic mom-fear down, 20 million to go.


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