Dear —

This is the 3rd letter I’m writing you, though I suspect you’ve only gotten the 2nd one. Sorry about that. I’m including the first one in this envelope as well.

I was not trying to say that you were lying. I was telling you that I was in a bad situation once, and was lying to everyone and hated myself and that God loves you, no matter what. It’s pretty clear that you don’t feel badly about your part in anything. So at least you don’t have guilt to contend with.

Mr. Wonderful and I love you very much.

We were talking today about when I fell in love with your cute little 3 year old self. You’d been out to Grandma’s house at the lake for your 3rd birthday party, and Mr. Wonderful and I were going to take you from your dad’s house to your mom’s house. It was pretty cold outside and I was wearing my favorite brown leather coat that Mr. Wonderful bought me for my 18th birthday present.

You were crying for your daddy in the car on the way to D—. You were so upset that you actually let me hold you in the car. I know it’s not safe, but I was a stupid 20 year old and I didn’t know that I shouldn’t let you out of your car seat. So you came to the sit on my lap in the front seat and we cuddled most of the way to Grandma’s house in D—.

And somewhere, a little more than half-way there, you  barfed up pizza on me… all over my favorite coat. And from then on, I just loved you so much.

Isn’t it funny how I can love you so much after you puked up on me? I think it wasn’t because of being sick, but trying to understand you, that made me love you. Sometimes I guess you just have to look beyond present circumstances to see the person’s heart.

I have known you for your whole life. I put a lot of work into helping raise you into the beautiful woman that you are. I know how good you can be. I know, because I’ve seen it in your for your whole life.

THANK YOU for putting us on your list. We are out of town this week, for my vacation and won’t be able to see you.

HEY!!!! Did you know we’re moving back to our old house on B—- Road? I am really excited to be taking the girls there. They are looking forward to living next to D– and T–. And their huge garden and many, many chickens.

I am starting to think about school shopping for Vaeh and Lisi. School shopping with you was always one of my favorite times… especially when we’re go out to Arby’s for lunch and just spend the whole day together.

I love you, Sweet A—. I’m glad you mentioned about family not being able to shake hands, because a family’s gotta hugggggggggggggggg.

Please tell me how I can send you writing paper, stamps, etc?

I love you.

Aunt Jenny



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