Radical Love

This is the note I just wrote to a person I love, who experienced a horrid turn of events today.

Dear ——,

I’m supposed to be a mom tonight but my heart’s not in it. My darling love, my sweet baby girl. The child of my heart, but not my own child.  My heart is laid open bare, I’m completely gutted. Sweet child of God, precious girl;

I love you with everything in my heart.

Everything’s changing for you today. So very many things. You think it’s bad, but I know in my heart it’s the start of something better for you. It may take years to undo this damage, but you are capable, even if you’re mad about today’s events.

I know you don’t want to hear from me about it, but I love you and I’m not retreating. I’m not going anywhere.  And God loves you. He’s never left your side. He won’t love you more or less than he does right now..

God’s love is radical. He loves us when we’re at our worst, and at our best. He loves us when we’re in the middle of what we’re doing that we shouldn’t be. And He loves us when we get our heads back on straight again. God cannot see the wrong, because of Jesus -His radical love for us. I pray you see that love right now… today.

Meanwhile, I need to go pray over this.

You are worth everything to me, and I’ll tell you so when I see you again.

Praying blessing on you, sweet girl,


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