Spoken For

A year ago our lives were changed. The enemy stole, killed, and destroyed. She tried to isolate us and beat us down… but it didn’t work. Here we are a year later and it’s not perfect. There are still heartaches, but things are about 9000% better than they were a year ago today.

Now I have a peace I’ve never known before. I find myself complete. My heart is spoken for. Oh, and I praise you. Oh, and I worship you. Covered by your love divine. Child of the Risen Lord. To hear you say “this one’s mine” my heart is spoken for. By the power of the cross. YOU’VE TAKEN WHAT WAS LOST, and made it fully yours. And I have been redeemed by you who’ve spoken to me, now I’m spoken for.”


I had high anxiety all day today. But God rescues my heart from defeat, every single time. I’m happy to say that, although I can still feel the sting of this unfortunate anniversary, I know that my heart is spoken for, and I’m covered in His love.


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