Manic Moving Monday

On Monday, we’re moving from this place where we became a family, where Mr. Wonderful and I have lived since 2009. I remember having a tantrum one night after we moved in, because I didn’t know how many steps from our bed to the bathroom, or intuitively where the lightswitch was located.

I’m so tired, emotionally and physically. And tomorrow, we’re throwing a party. A PARTY! Because it’s been planned for several months and our parents, friends and family said they thought we should still celebrate the girls’ adoption,.

And then the next day, we’re moving… because maybe we’re gluttons for chaos? I don’t know…

I resolve to know only this: Jesus Christ and Him crucified.


One thought on “Manic Moving Monday

  1. Yes!!!! After all, Jesus is all we really need. He, and only He, can fill every void and heal every sorrow.

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