Lazy Saturday

Guess what we did here at our house today! Nuttin’ Honey!

OK we did tons of things, like finishing up a week’s worth of laundry, and dishes, eating leftovers, playing Zumba for the Wii and watching movies that had built up on the DVR, as well as sneaking time here and there for a dog-walk, and even to check my email and Pinterest. Omw, Pinterest. Whew!

It was mostly really good, with only a few personality conflicts between the Young Ladies. It seems that our 6-year-old can get emotional at times, and our 4-year-old can be downright brutal, so we don’t let things progress, usually. Today, in amongst many dozen trips upstairs to take care of their laundry, they also made trips to their rooms for “alone time” in order to cry it out and come back sweeter than before.

Before I knew it, I had to begin thinking about supper, and thankfully I found some leftover cheeseball (?! It’s so good! Why did we have leftovers?) and crackers to tide us over until I warmed up leftover cheesy goulash and chili, which I mixed together with some extra-sharp cheddar. As a side dish, I prepared PB&J’s, of which we each took half, cut on the diagonal (Why is the diagonal cut always so much more fun?). After the girls’ baths, we had scoops of frozen birthday cake and ice cream.

Really, life is just so good.

And yet, I had this overwhelming feeling of melancholy all day. Jamey is on my mind more and more, because Big Sis is so sorrowful all the time about him. Big Sis needs so much reassuring about Jamey, and *sigh* I just don’t have any more energy to continually explain the situation to her. She cried and asked to see his pictures today, and I told her no, because it brings back too many bad memories. You have to know that I really hate putting her off, and that when I explain it to her, I always end up bawling my eyes out in the other room, away from everyone.

And then Mr. Wonderful came into the kitchen with a tear in his eye and asked, “Who’s in control, Jenny? Who has Jamey in the palm of His hand?” He held me as I cried, and then we prayed for the 20th time this week about our sweet baby, and re-put-him-back-into-God’s-hands, and asked blessing upon blessing for his life, and prayed for his baby brother and their safety and for God to change the biological parents this instant, or for Child Protective Services to bust them this instant, so those sweet boys are not harmed for one more minute of their lives.

As of this moment, the girls are in the living room, “camping out.” A fact which makes me laugh hysterically, because they will never go to sleep while in the same room. From two rooms away, I can hear them jostling for positing, playing with toys, and giggling, In a few minutes, I’ll probably take them to their rooms and do a Zumba workout on the Wii, and finish with the laundry.

In all, it’s been a good day, and I pray yours has gone well also!


One thought on “Lazy Saturday

  1. After a week of dealing with weather changes, completing annual statistical reports for the church, studying for my next seminary course, preparing for worship, preparing for lent and the usual household business, today, together as a family has been great! I love Mrs. Wonderful and my girls!

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